LAbor De Parto y Nacimiento: Preparativos

En este video, hablaremos de tres cosas importantes que debe saber a medida que se acerca al nacimiento de su bebé:

  • Cómo funciona el parto, incluido por qué tiene dolor durante el trabajo de parto.
  • Las cinco pistas que le indican que el parto está aquí.
  • Las cuatro etapas del trabajo de parto y qué esperar en cada una.

¡Puedes hacer esto y te ayudaremos! Y cuando todo haya terminado, estarás muy orgullosa de lo que has logrado al dar a luz. Los temas incluyen: • Dolor • Parto • Signos del trabajo de parto • Aligeramiento • Tapón mucoso suelto• Ruptura de agua • Dolor lumbar y abdominal • Contracciones del trabajo de parto • Tiempo de contracciones • Trabajo de parto prematuro • Etapas del parto • Fase temprana o latente • coronamiento• Activa Fase • Fase de transición • Empujar y dar a luz • Expulsar la placenta • Período posparto • Braxton Hicks

Labor & Delivery: Getting Ready

In this video, we’ll talk about three important things you need to know as you approach your baby’s birth: 1. How childbirth works, including why you have pain in labor; 2. The five clues that tell you labor is here; 3. The four stages of labor and what to expect in each. You can do this, and we’re going to help you! And when it’s all over, you’ll be so proud of what you’ve accomplished in giving birth. Topics include: • pain • childbirth • signs of labor • lightening • lose mucus plug • water breaking • lower back and belly pain • labor contractions • timing contractions • preterm labor • stages of labor • early or latent phase • crowning • active phase • transition phase • pushing and delivery • expelling the placenta • postpartum period • Braxton-Hicks.

Planning For Birth/ Postpartum

Planning For Birth-This lesson will discuss several things you should consider when writing your birth plan, such as how you wish to manage pain, delayed cord clamping, skin-to-skin contact after birth, and so much more.

Postpartum-You’ll learn what to expect in the hospital or birthing center in the hours and days following birth, and what you can expect in the first few weeks at home. Real moms also offer tips and share about the things they wish they had done differently or had known about after labor and delivery. You’ll finish this class feeling excited and ready to meet your baby and be empowered to have the best birth possible.

The Final Stretch

The end of your pregnancy feels like one hundred days packed into one long month that, oddly, doesn’t seem long enough to get everything done before you bring your baby home. There is so much to do and keep track of before birth! In this video, we talk about the things in your pregnancy on which you need to keep a close eye, the things for which you need to prepare, and how to recognize the important signs of labor. Phew! Hang in there! You really are on the final stretch! Topics include: third trimester • monitoring fetal movement • kick count • Braxton-Hicks • birth plan • home help • baby items • crib • bassinette • car seat • travel • diaper bag • mucus plug • effacement • dilation • rupturing membranes • leaking water • bleeding • decreased fetal movement • contractions • early labor • active labor • transition

B.R.A.I.N & Decision Making/Pain Relief, Interventions

You may be faced with difficult decisions during birth. Labor may not be progressing as quickly as your doctor would like. Or what do you do if pain medicine is offered that wasn’t part of your birth plan? What if your doctor recommends a cesarean? Making important decisions is tough, and having the right tool to help you do it is important. Cue the B.R.A.I.N. method. This five-part decision-making tool will help you narrow down the information you need during labor to make the best well-informed decision for you and your baby.

An unmedicated birth may not be for every mom, or you might change your mind as labor progresses. Even if you plan for an all-natural birth, some medical situations may come up that need to be addressed. This lesson will cover the various medical pain relief options—from taking the edge off to removing most of the pain, and the various medical interventions and procedures you might encounter during labor.

Entendiendo A Los Recién Nacidos/ Posparto

En esta clase aprenderá sobre Características Comunes de los Recién Nacidos, Procedimientos para los recién nacidos, el llanto del bebe como medio de comunicación y como reducir el riesgo de la muerte súbita infantil.  También que ocurre después de dar a luz, como cuidarse en casa y señales de advertencia de posparto.

Introduction & Options of Labor

In this video you will learn about labor and pain management strategies, also will help you understand your birthing options.

Expectativas del Parto

¡Ellos lo hicieron! ¡Las parejas Laila y Joseph, Mikayla y Kyle, y Mariah y Tyler tuvieron sus bebés! ¡Apuesto a que no puedes esperar a ver cómo resulta todo en este video final! Únase a estas tres parejas cuando sus embarazos lleguen a su fin y experimenten el trabajo de parto y el parto con ellos mientras tienen a sus bebés.

Your Body & Birth

Your Body & Birth

Your body was designed to give birth. In lesson two, you’ll learn how your anatomy works with hormones to move your baby from your uterus, through the birth canal, and into your arms. This happens in four stages, called the stages of labor.