Medical Abortion Screening

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed, angry, fearful or anxious when looking at a positive pregnancy test at home. It is important for your physical and emotional health to take time to become informed of all your options. That is why we offer our Medical Abortion Screening, if you are considering ending your pregnancy.

Illustration of counselor offering counseling services to a patient considering abortion in Vero Beach, FL
A lack of knowledge creates fear. Seeking knowledge creates courage.

— Candice Swanepoel

The Confidential Screening includes:

  • Confirmation of pregnancy with medical-grade pregnancy test
  • Ultrasound to determine viability and rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • Confidential time with your Client Advocate to ask questions about your options based on an accurate gestational age
You Have a Right to Know

Questions To Ask the Abortion Facility About Their Surgical Abortion Services

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Pressure to Abort

Is someone in your life pushing you to terminate your pregnancy? Pressure can come from parents, romantic partners, friends, and even medical professionals. Coerced, pressured, or forced abortion is illegal. Your Client Advocate can help you understand the power you have to make decisions about your pregnancy, whether you live in Vero Beach, FL, or are willing to drive from a surrounding area, we would love to talk.

Let’s talk
Counselor providing support and guidance to a patient discussing abortion options in Vero Beach, FL

Understanding Florida's Abortion Laws: Legal Framework and Regulations

In Florida, abortion laws are governed by statutes outlined by the Florida Legislature. These laws dictate the regulations and procedures surrounding abortions within the state. For detailed information on Florida’s laws regarding termination of pregnancies, you can refer to the official statutes provided by the Florida Legislature. To access these statutes and gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework surrounding abortions in Florida, visit the Florida Legislature’s statutes page.

Don't take our word for it, our clients say it best.

This is a wonderful place for all expecting moms! I went and had a consultation with a client advocate who was so kind and made me feel at ease. This place also accepts donations and supplies to help moms in need. They also have a program called “earn as you learn” where you can attend classes and get supplies and things you need during and even after pregnancy. I am so glad this is where I went for my pregnancy ☺️ Blessings and love.

– Malissa

A Caring Center for Women has really helped me prepare to be a Mother, more confident and educated about my body while being pregnant and how to do basic things for my baby. Everyone there is so caring and will help anyway that they can. I would highly recommend this place for any woman. The classes are really helpful and you won’t regret it. Earned coupons and got items that I’m beyond thankful for.

– Nadege

They were very professional and made me feel super comfortable. I received a lot of advice and
knowledge on pregnancy. I enjoyed the bag of goods with all of the information about pregnancy and even after pregnancy. So helpful and made me feel not as overwhelmed.

– Audrey

This place has helped me so much ! All of the women who work there make you feel safe and comfortable and care so much. It’s a great place to go if you wanna learn more about your baby and your body. They also help with baby items if you’re in need or struggling. It’s great to have a place like this available to women! If I could give them 10 stars I would ! ❤️

– Rebekah