Confirm Your Pregnancy

After confirming your pregnancy with our medical-grade pregnancy test, it is important to find out if you are really pregnant. Since as many as 20% of pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, it is possible for your pregnancy test to still show a positive result. The earliest and safest way to confirm a pregnancy is with an ultrasound. This is a free service provided by A Caring Center for Women.


How does ultrasound work?

The transducer, or probe, produces sound waves and detects how they echo back, producing an image. Ultrasounds are fast and pain-free.

Is ultrasound safe?

Yes, ultrasounds are even safer than X-rays because they use sound instead of ionizing radiation. Follow your doctorʼs recommendations for frequency of scans.

How do I prepare for the ultrasound?

Come in comfortable clothing and with a full bladder. When your bladder is full, you are better able to see the uterus and pregnancy placement.

How does ultrasound rule out ectopic pregnancy?

Ultrasound shows exactly where the pregnancy is developing. If the pregnancy is located outside of the uterus, it is considered ectopic and we will refer you to treatment from a trusted provider.


Why do I need an ultrasound before getting an abortion?
  • An ultrasound is legally required by the state of Florida before getting an abortion. We do not charge for any services, including the ultrasound
  • If the pregnancy is not viable, meaning it is naturally miscarrying, an abortion is not necessary.
  • It is vital to your safety to determine where the pregnancy is developing. If you take abortion pills with the pregnancy outside of the uterus, you increase your risk of bleeding or rupturing
  • Each type of abortion procedure is done within a timeframe of gestation. An ultrasound will tell you how far along the pregnancy has progressed, this determines your options.