This workshop sheds light on the unique relationship siblings have as they grow up together and work on interpersonal relationships, effective communication, and teamwork that will prepare them for adulthood. The video will give tips on how to parent your sibling children to build strong bonds and how to manage sibling rivalry. Topics include: • best friends • sibling relationships • new baby • bonding • sibling rivalry • bickering • parenting.

Potty Training

This workshop explains the basics of potty training, including how to know when to start potty training; preparation for the big day; the “how to’s” of potty training; rewards and encouragement; dealing with disappointment; tips for boys; tips for girls. Topics include: • potty training • toddler • developmental skills • potty chair • wet diaper • underwear • bathroom • toilet training

Time with Toddlers

The time you spend with your toddler is so important, and it is over so fast. Blink, and they’ll be in preschool! It may feel like you spend most of your time taking care of their needs, cleaning up their messes, and kissing their boo-boos. But the time you spend with them, even if you work outside the home, gives them exactly what they need! In this workshop, we talk about four important areas to develop in your parenting that will give you the most impact with the time you have. Topics include: • toddler • time • personality • emotional intensity • sensory reactivity • activity level • adaptability • persistence • independence • teaching • limits • new emotions.