Car Seat Safety

Parents are responsible for keeping their children safe, including traveling safely with them. Car seat recommendations and laws frequently change and vary by state. Add to that the stress of figuring out which car seat is right for your child and your car, and how to install and use it correctly. It can feel overwhelming for a parent making these important decisions. This video will help sort through the choices a parent has when faced with selecting the right car seat. It will also give tips on correctly installing a car seat, and where to go for help if it is too confusing. Finally, this video will cover how to correctly use the seat once it is installed so parents can feel confident their children are traveling safely. Topics include: second trimester • third trimester • after birth • inertia • LATCH • seat belts • tethers • NHTSA • rear-facing • state laws • installation • infant-only seats • convertible car seats • all-in-one car seat • forward-facing • combination car seat • booster seats.