Creating Kindness

We want our kids to help old ladies cross the street, serve meals to the poor, and befriend lonely kids at school. But how can we teach them to be kind? Where does kindness come from? This video gives tips on finding those teachable moments in everyday life where we can guide our children to choose kindness, and how we can model this value from our own interactions with them to encourage their hearts. Topics include: • parenting • creating kindness • teaching • empathy • communication • random acts of kindness.

Creating Honesty

We’ve all caught our kids in a lie or two. We’ve even told a few ourselves. Why do kids lie, and can you teach them to tell the truth? In this video, we talk about why people lie, how your reaction to your kids’ lies can, in fact, encourage them to lie, and what you can do to create an environment of honesty in your home to help your kids choose truth over lies. Topics include: • parenting • creating honesty • truth • lies • consequences • courage • celebrate honesty.

Creating Motivation

In this video, we’ll give you three basic parenting rules that, along with a few goals and expectations, will help give your kids the skills they need to have better self-discipline. Topics include: • parenting • creating motivation • self-discipline • delayed gratification • parental involvement • sense of safety • consistency • love and acceptance • setting goals • set expectations • communicate expectations • self-reliance.