Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion/Chemical Abortion)

Do you suspect you are pregnant?  

Have you had that confirmed with a Medical Grade Pregnancy Test?

Have you had an ultrasound to confirm where the pregnancy is and how far along you are?

These are all very important questions.  If you are reading this, it may be safe to assume that you found yourself facing a pregnancy.  (Maybe more like unplanned pregnancy). This can be really overwhelming if it was not expected . . . . heck it’s overwhelming when it IS expected!


You may be considering your options right this moment.  That may even be what led you to this page.  So in light of that scenario, let’s jump right in!


The abortion pill (otherwise known as medication abortion or chemical abortion) is approved for up to 10 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual cycle.  With that in mind, another question comes up . . . Do you have REGULAR cycles? This doesn’t have to mean “every 28 days.”  This can mean every 25-30 days, but consistently the same.  If the answer is “yes,” then you may be pretty accurate with dating yourself by your last period (LMP).  If the answer is “no,” then it is very hard to date the pregnancy without an ultrasound.  Either way, it is always safer to confirm the pregnancy with an ultrasound after having it confirmed with a medical grade pregnancy test!  The main reasoning is to verify if the pregnancy is inside the uterus.



Ectopic (ec*top*ic) Pregnancy –
noun: ectopic pregnancy; plural noun: ectopic pregnancies
 – a pregnancy in which the fetus develops outside the uterus, typically in a fallopian tube.
“one in every 100 women run the risk of an ectopic pregnancy”

When considering abortion, especially one where you will not be monitored regularly by a medical professional, it is crucial that you confirm you do not have an ectopic pregnancy.  No abortion, pill or surgical, will work on an ectopic pregnancy.  This could lead to false sense of security and become a medical emergency quickly.

Another reason for an ultrasound before an abortion is to date the pregnancy.  Since the abortion pill is only approved up to 10 weeks, dating the pregnancy becomes extremely important.  The only accurate way to date a pregnancy is via an ultrasound.  The ultrasonographer will use soundwaves to take images of the pregnancy and then use calipers to measure the pregnancy.  The program on the ultrasound machine will automatically calculate how far along the pregnancy is in real time.

Maybe you have already had everything confirmed and the ultrasound done.  Now you are looking for your options.  While it may be safe to order your prescriptions through an online pharmacy, or simply order headache medication from your local convenience store, the thought of purchasing the abortion pill online may have crossed your mind.  While Florida does not legally allow the purchase of abortion pills online, people find their ways of doing just that, and it is not safe!

If you find yourself considering abortion, please call or text us (contact info below).  We are a safe, non-judgmental place to receive FREE services.  We offer FREE Medical Grade Pregnancy Tests, FREE limited first trimester OB ultrasounds, and we will review options counseling and education with you!  All of this so that you can make the best decision for you!


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