The Battle with Yourself

So, you woke up one morning and peed on a stick!  Or you felt a little “off” and decided to take a pregnancy test?  Maybe you went to your local pregnancy center and got a free test and confirmation.  However you found out you were pregnant, those first few moments are indescribable.  Some people are excited, others not so much.  Some laugh, some cry, some scream, some puke, some do all of the above and even at the same time!

However you reacted is completely normal, and completely ok!  No one person reacts the same to a pregnancy as another.  Whether you were planning to become pregnant, or find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy, usually doesn’t have that big of a difference in reactions.  Yes, that’s right! In my experience, even people who were planning a pregnancy can have a much different reaction than they initially thought they would have.  It’s now a reality, and when that kicks in, along with pregnancy hormones, the reactions we have can be overwhelming at times.

Do you find yourself considering options that you may have never thought about before, or been totally against up until this point? I have been doing this for many, many years, and hear more often than not that someone who was “totally against abortion” or “never believed in it before,” finds themselves in that situation and the thought of abortion comes fast and furious to the forefront of your mind! It’s a battle with your logical brain and your emotional heart.  It’s not a fun battle, and no one ever goes “Gee, I hope I get pregnant so I have to make all these decisions and choices I NEVER wanted to make!”  Unexpected moments happen all the time, it’s how we face them is ultimately how we can live with our decisions later on.

If you just found out you are pregnant, STOP! Breathe! Take a moment to digest the news you just received.   If you are happy about being pregnant, then Congratulations! There are still many emotions you may feel, on and off, and that is ok.  If you are, however not happy, it’s ok too.  It’s still important to take a moment and gather yourself and your thoughts.  Pregnancy hormones can make that difficult, so it is important to find someone to talk it out with.  At A Caring Center for Women, we offer a judgement-free place to speak openly about how you feel, and walk through your thought process with you.

Making sure you have the correct information about your options can be difficult to find, especially online.  It’s hard to verify if information is accurate or up-to-date, and to make sure it is truthful.  We can help with that information, as well as confirm the pregnancy via a medical grade pregnancy test.  To further verify that it is in fact a viable pregnancy, meaning in otherwise “normal” conditions that pregnancy would continue, by verifying that the pregnancy is inside of the uterus, how far along you are, and if there is a heart beat with our ultrasound.  All of this information is very important, more so if you are considering abortion.  The reason so, is because if there is not a viable pregnancy, you may be miscarrying or have a false positive, amongst other reasons.  On the other end of that, by finding out how far along you are, this can help with understanding the procedures and what is available.

** Now while A Caring Center for Women does not provide abortions nor do we refer for them, we are here to give you information about your pregnancy and education about your options.  I want to share with you Cassie’s* testimonial:

“My counselor was the only person I confided in.  The only person I felt like I could trust.  Telling her my feelings about the pregnancy and the fact that I was considering abortion was scary, but she made me feel so comfortable.  She didn’t make me feel judged and allowed me to process my thoughts out loud in a safe environment.  My counselor helped me to see that I had amazing support and that I could do this, even without the father.  After a few ultrasounds and seeing the baby moving, I finally decided that I CAN do this! There were a few ups and downs, changing my mind from parenting, to aborting, back to parenting.  But my counselor stuck with me and assured me that I can do this, and so I am!”

While Cassie may have ultimately decided to continue with the pregnancy, not every one does.  We do offer post abortion counseling as well for those that feel they may need that service.  ALL of our services are completely FREE of charge, always have been and always will be, and confidential!  Only you know what the best decision is for you, sometimes you just need to talk it out with someone who is not going to judge or influence you in any way.

Having to deal with the fact that you are just finding out you are pregnant, plus having to deal with hearing other’s opinions on what they think you should do, can make the whole process that much worse.  It is important to find out what you would like to do, before hearing others.  Other times it’s helpful to know what those around you think, especially if they would be supporting you in any way.  Just like Cassie, who later realized that she had support where she never thought she would find it, but battled with considering abortion for many weeks, had to hear from others that they would be there for her.  She is now doing amazing and is very happy with her decision.  Others are able to be firm in their thoughts and not allow other’s to imprint on them what [they] believe, and that makes you a very rare and strong woman!

Most of the times your family and friends, those around you that would be supporting you either way, are just offering their help because that is what they truly believe, and feel would help you.  Your true friends, and your true family will support whatever you decide, and be there for you when you need it.  Our clients feel like our family, and we are truly there for them, helping in any way we can, so that this whole process can be less stressful and less scary.

If you are facing a pregnancy, planned or unplanned, give us a call! We would love to hear from you!


** Client’s name has been changed for confidentiality purposes.


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